Challenges with Advertising Translation

Whenever you are working on advertising translation from English into the Russian language you should encounter the following obstacles:

1. Russian text is 25% longer than English. This especially needs to be taken into consideration when a print ad or editorial piece was already designed. While our team wass working on Direct TV translations, we did our best not only to translate and make it sound native, but reduce the number of words.

2. Keep your audience in mind. No matter what your writing assignment is – always consider who will be reading it. Make your translation as user-friendly as possible. Your audience will thank you with a better conversion rate.

3. Never translate word for word. Yes, I understand, you are trying to be a good translator and showcase your bi-lingual capabilities. But this is not about you and your ego. This is about engaging your audience in the best possible way. People prefer when you talk to them on paper, just as you talk to them in real life. So be short and sweet. And remember: Brevity is the soul of wit.(c) Shakespeare