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Translators Without Borders

Often, this time of the year we are looking for the opportunities to give back. I am lucky to confess that another great Pro-Bono opportunity found me.  It is my greatest pleasure to serve  “a Bigger Purpose” and positively influence life of others. Today, I have recorded a video that promotes awareness about the spread of influenza for Translators Without Borders.  Hopefully, I can share completed video with you soon. Stay warm and healthy!



Source of Inspiration

Nature inspires artists in many different ways. Peaceful Californian Mountains allowed us to unleash our creativity and bring it to another level. Russian voice over team developed an experimental piece “Russian voice over + Nature”. We spiced up our recording with an organic nature sounds, vs. recording it from the professional secured environment. Stay tuned to hear our creation!
Russian voice over

Challenges with advertising translation.

Whenever you are working on advertising translation from English to Russian language you should encounter the following obstacles:

1. Russian text is 25% longer than English. This especially needs to be taken to consideration when print ad or editorial piece was already designed. While our team is working on Direct TV translations, we do our best not only to translate and make it sound native, but reduce number of words.

2. Keep your audience in mind. No matter what is your writing assignment- always think who will be reading it. Make your translation as user friendly as possible. Your audience will thank you with better conversion rate.

3. Never translate word by word. Yes, I understand, you are trying to be a good translator and showcase your bi-lingual capabilities. But this is not about you and your ego. This is about engaging your audience in the best possible way. People prefer when you talk to them on paper, just as you talk to them in real life. So be short and sweet. And remember :Brevity is the soul of wit.(c) Shakespeare

International Chicago Improv Festival

Chicago Improv Fest (CIF18) returns on April 20-April 26, 2015, treating Chicagoans to Improv in Every Direction! A beloved tradition, CIF18 jams into one fun-loving week more than 150 acts, featuring mega-talented improvisers plucked from Chicago and imported from cities like NYC and L.A. to Rio and Warsaw, plus many places in between.

One World, One Stage

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, improvisers coming from every direction will convene at Comedy Sportz to perform. A rare opportunity for fans to experience the international language of improv, CIF18 One World, One Stage lineup includes: Complot Escena (Mexico), Thy Neighbor’s Goat (Romania), Kristina Guzikova (Russia), iMprovKAndy ( Switzerland), and Impro Brasil (Brazil).

Location: ComedySportz Theatre

Address: 929 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

Time: 8 p.m.

Tickets: $10

Russian Educational International Flesh-mob

International Project “Totalni Diktant” is one of the kind educational flesh mob, that connects Russian speaking people around the world for the same purpose: Encourage to improve Russian grammar.
This year, Russian Voice Over Services along with Cloudberry Language School will be organizing this educational event in Chicago.

Our target audience is everyone who writes, reads, speaks and think in Russian. We have also noticed, that Russian speaking immigrants are tend to forget some key grammar rules. Our goal is give them a chance to get together and have fun while improve their language skills.

Last year, “Totalni Diktant”, gathered more than 30 enthusiasts in Chicago Public Library. This year, we expect double the attendance.

We are inviting you to join us on April 18, 2015 at 2pm and try it for yourself. The event is FREE on a first come first serve basis.

Address is Uptown Library, 929 W Buena Ave, Chicago, IL 60613


“Jubilee” by Anton Chekhov

Congratulations to our great actors and russian voice over artists: Boris Kofman and Kristina Guzikova. They have just came back form Boston, MA were had 4 successful sold out performances of their newest Checkhov play “Jubilee”!

“Jubilee” was directed by young and talented GITIS alumni, Igor Golyak founder of Arlekin Players. Earlier this Igor came to Chicago to meet the cast and choose the play. The Jubilee” (sometimes known as “The Anniversary”) is probably the least produced of the one-act comedies Anton Chekhov wrote before 1891. During three month rehearsal period Igor and Chicago’s actors transformed classical script into an unexpected show. Jubilee russian theater

“Mastery of Love”, audiobook in Russian

This journey took us a year and a half from getting Don Miguel Ruiz blessing to completion of the project. But finally, the love tutorial is here. After reading, listening, and listening again, I realized that’s THE BOOK. “Mastery of Love” is a toltec wisdom on how be successful in relationships. You will learn about your wounds from the past, and how it affects your present and future; love addictions, and how its the same as drug addictions; how to choose YOUR partner; conscious sex. Now, toltec wisdom available in form of Russian audiobook. Russian talent who worked on this project: Boris Kofman, Eugene Nemirovsky and Kristina Guzikova.

We would be happy if you share this book with the ones you love!

You can listen this book here
The Mastery Of Love - Don Miguel Ruiz - Books Covers

“Don’t Worry”

While filming in a movie in Kiev, Ukraine in late 2011, Ukrainian movie director Ganka Tretyak, invited Kristina Guzikova to voiceover part of her movie “Don’t Worry”. This movie about relationships, love, and music and was filmed in Ukraine, Spain, and America. Ganka had a hard time finding someone to voiceover the female character in English, so Kristina lip-synced for Zhanna’s part. “Don’t Worry” was screened at a few international film festivals, including Berlin and New York City. “Don’t Worry” is now available on YouTube.maxresdefault
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