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Russian Voice Over

Featuring professional and creative adult and child voice-over artists.
We record in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Hebrew, Spanish and English.

Facebook, GoogleDish, Honda, Sony

Hire The Best Russian Voice-Over Talent

Kristina-Russian talent


The founder of Russian Voice Over Services, Kristina, has extensive acting and voice over experience. Beginning her acting career at the age of 10 as a theater and movie extra, she also performed Russian Voice-Over for numerous Soviet feature films. While dedicating herself to the world of Comedy, she also enjoys the occasional dramatic role as well. Kristina has also starred in a few short indie movies. Read MoreSince 2007, Kristina has offered her voice-over services to a variety of companies such as Facebook, Sony, Lifeway Foods, Dish Network, Herbalife, WDT and many more. She is also an on-camera host and TV commercial actress. This wide-ranging vocal talent successfully continued on to contribute audio for social media marketing, smartphone applications, E-learning narrations, corporate video presentations, TV/radio commercials and many other voice-over narrations. Kristina’s voice conveys warmth, sincerity, sensuality and trustworthiness.Read Less
Kristina Narration Demo
Kristina Commercial Demo
Kristina Animated Demo

Dana-Russian voiceover


Dana has extensive experience as a radio host for a few top rated talk shows. She is the voice for well known brands like Volkswagen, Bourjois, Greenfield and many more. We are lucky to have such a devoted, multi-talented individual on our team. Below, you can find more of Dana’s samples:
Dana Commercial Demo

Nina-Russian voice artist


Being behind a microphone for many years, Nina was the leading MC on radio stations in Cherkassi, Ukraine and later in Chicago. She is full of energy and has a positive vibe making her listeners stay on her radio channel even during commercial breaks. She also possesses a strong understanding of Russian marketing messages and effective communication. Nina recently graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Media Management.
Nina Commercial Demo
Nina Radio Commercial

Boris-Russian voiceover


Boris is the most positive person we know. He always projects so much light and uplifting energy affecting everything around him. Boris is a well known Russian actor in Chicagoland. He is very passionate about theater, hence making him a great Russian Voice-Over actor. He very much enjoyed working on the production for the amazing book Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz and is looking forward to more challenging and interesting projects capable of making this world a better place for all of us. Boris earned a Bachelors Degree in Directing from Columbia College.
Boris Narration Demo
Boris Demo

Denis-Russian voiceover


Denis is an amazing theater actor who recently joined the very famous Ukrainian radio station Hit FM. He is a popular MC/radio host and amazing singer.
Denis TV Demo

Renat-Russian voiceover


Renat has many years experience working as an announcer for pop/rock radio stations. Among his projects are recordings for Euronews channel news, app games such as The Smurf’s, The Golden Horde, Ancient Wars: Sparta.
Renat has contributed to projects for Russian companies such as MailRu, DNS, Colins, RuNail and Clear. In 2016 he was an announcer for a series of programs on the Kazakh channel.
Renat Commercial Demo
Renat TV Demo
Renat Narration Demo

Dmitry-Russian voiceover


Dmitry received his BFA from DePaul University and attended the California Institute of The Arts where he acquired excellent voice and acting training. He is of Russian decent and speaks classical Russian. He has a soft eastern European accent, which can enhance a wide range of projects. Dmitry has over 10 years of professional voice over experience, working as an MC on various radio stations and recording educational material for Rosetta Stone.
Dima Commercial Demo
Dima Educational Demo
Dima Animation Demo

Adaptation of Marketing Messages

We understand your target audience because we are your target audience! We are Russians.
We think differently and have unique cultural norms and traditions. Our consumer receptivity is based on a businesses’ ability to communicate with us effectively. Utilize our marketing adaptation services for your translation before beginning your voice over recording.